Chief Executive Officer Per Walday, PhD (born 1960)

PERDr. Walday joined PCI Biotech Holding as CEO in the second quarter of 2008. Dr. Walday formerly had the position as Global Head of Project Management at GE Healthcare with responsibility for project management of all pharmaceutical product development. He holds a Ph. D. in physiology from the University of Oslo and has had former manager positions in Nycomed Imaging/Amersham Health developing mainstream diagnostic drugs found in the market today. Dr. Walday has a broad international network and is experienced with business development and approvals of new products in the international scene of the pharmaceutical industry.

Chief Scientific Officer Anders Høgset, PhD (born 1954)

ANDERSAnders Høgset began in PCI Biotech in April 2001 as CSO. From 2004 he also was deputy CEO until the second quarter of 2008, when he entered the CSO position again. He holds a Ph. D. in biochemistry from the University of Oslo.  Before working at PCI Biotech Dr. Høgset spent four years as a Senior Scientist at Radiumhospitalet developing the PCI technology. From 1989 to 1997 Mr. Høgset was working as a Senior Scientist and Project Manager at Nycomed (now GE Healthcare).


Chief Financial Officer Ronny Skuggedal (born 1976)

RONNYMr. Skuggedal joined PCI Biotech in October 2013 as CFO with responsibility for finance, accounting and investor relations, and with a key role in business development. He holds a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and a Master in Professional Accountancy from BI Norwegian Business School. He is a State Authorized Public Accountant in Norway. Before joining PCI Biotech, he was a Director at PwC within Assurance and he has twelve years of experience from auditing and advisory services.

Chief Business Development Officer Gaël L’Hévéder (born 1968)

GAELMr. L’Hévéder joined PCI Biotech as CBDO in April 2013. He holds a Master of Science in Bioorganic Chemistry from Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France. Mr. L’Hévéder has more than 20 years experience and an extensive network in international pharmaceutical industry through various positions in Aventis, Baxter and Roche. This includes more than 10 years in business development functions, particularly in market intelligence and licensing. Before his current position in PCI Biotech, he held the position as Partnering Director leading clinical-stage licensing transactions for Roche in Basel, Switzerland.