Alliances and partnering opportunities

A key component of PCI Biotech’s commercial strategy is to collaborate with partners that have a similar drive and commitment in developing and commercializing truly innovative and disruptive medical technologies. PCI Biotech is actively engaged in many collaborations that supports the development of highly innovative therapies.

We are looking for further partnerships with renowned pharmaceutical and biotech companies to fully exploit the potential of our three major PCI applications:

  • fimaCHEM – Enhancement of therapeutics for improved localised treatment of cancer indications with clear unmet medical need; lead opportunity is an ongoing pivotal study with registration intent in the orphan cancer indication, bile duct cancer.
  • fimaVACC – T-cell induction technology for therapeutic and prophylactic vaccination with potential value creation in both cancer and infectious diseases; clinical proof-of-concept in healthy volunteers achieved with enhanced immune responses.
  • fimaNAc – Novel delivery technology that efficiently overcomes the challenge of introducing nucleic acid therapeutics into cells; preclinical collaborative programme.

PCI Biotech has an excellent track record in its partnering activities and our current partnerships are a testament to our ability to innovate and execute.
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