Alliances and partnering opportunities

PCI Biotech is an oncology-focused company developing innovative products for cancer treatment. The products are based on PCI Biotech’s patented technology, photochemical internalisation (“PCI”). The PCI technology can enhance the effect of anticancer drugs by targeted, light-directed drug delivery into cancer cells, and can also be used as a platform that may both potentiate the effect of vaccines and enable macromolecules such as RNA therapeutics to reach intracellular targets. Our objective is to deliver value to cancer patients through the development of products within three major anticancer treatment paradigms:

  • fimaCHEM – Enhancement of existing therapeutics for localised treatment of cancer, for indications with a clear unmet medical need; pivotal phase II ready opportunity in an orphan cancer indication, cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer).
  • fimaVACC – Novel mechanism of action of the PCI technology to be used as a CTL induction technology for therapeutic and prophylactic vaccination with potential value creation in both cancer and infectious diseases; phase I in healthy volunteers initiated.
  • fimaNAc – Novel delivery Technology for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies looking to overcome the challenge of introducing nucleic acid therapeutics into cells; preclinical programme.

To fully exploit the potential of our three major PCI applications, we are looking for partnerships with renowned pharmaceutical and biotech Companies.
Together, we will unlock the potential of your drug candidates. We continue to commit to partners with synergistic ideas to develop innovative drug candidates.
Partners should share our vision to develop and commercialize the next generation of anti-cancer therapeutics.

PCI Biotech has an excellent track record in its partnering activities. These successful scientific collaborations are not only contributing towards the validation of Our technology platform but are also bringing value to our partners.

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